How to ace an Online Interview.

Online interviews are becoming the new normal. About 70% of companies now conduct their interviews online and the number continues to grow. If you bag an interview today it is more likely than not that it would be conducted online. Ace your next online interview with the following tips

Perfect your profile picture

Ensure your profile picture is appropriate. The starting point is to dress professionally and use a solid coloured light background. It is a no-no to leave your profile picture blank or try to use an icon instead of a photo of you. Often that will communicate a negative feeling to your prospective employer. Better still do not use selfie-and don’t use group photos

Upgrade your Tech

A poor connection can ruin your big moment. set aside some time to work on your internet facilities. You may have to increase your bandwidth or move your workstation around and close to your router to get the best service if you are not using a wired connection. Test your device and download any latest software update. Use a hi-res camera and a reliable headset or speaker.

Prepare for the call

Find a clean and empty venue for your interview. Best if you have a place with a light-coloured background. Position the light source in front of you. Ensure the webcam is adjusted to frame your face. Close any programs not needed for the call and adjust all your privacy settings to ensure you can receive the call.

You also want to print a copy of your CV and have all files you will want to share with your interviewer ready for sharing.

Practice Practice

Practice answering interview questions on camera. For some people this may come natural to them but for others practice doing this so you begin to feel comfortable responding to interview questions online or camera.

End on a positive note.

Feel free to share your feelings with the interview. State your interest in the position. Ask if there is anything else you can provide like references, work samples etc. Ask about the next step in the process and when you are able to follow up.

Thank the Interviewer for his or her time. Send a personalised thank you email, and fingers crossed the job becomes your job.

By Enoch.


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