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Company Description

A&J Big Tops is a family owned company supplying tensile tented structures, flooring and seating primarily to music festivals, events, religious organizations, corporate and also private clients.

We have built our reputation on the outstanding service and quality we offer our clients. Although we do advertise, most of our business has come from recommendation and word of mouth.

Our major clients in the UK return year after year because of the service and speed that they get from our expert  staff on site, and the quality of the structures we offer. We are constantly modernising  our large stock of structures, and constantly cleaning and maintaining the ones we have already.  All pictures you see on this website are of our own tents and equipment stored and maintained at our headquarters in Peterborough.

Apart from our established reputation in the UK, we now have a growing reputation in Europe and around the world , having supplied Events held in the Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Belgium, Sweden, Abu Dabi and the Netherlands. We also are called upon as consultants throughout the World for our expertise in erecting tented and tensile structures.

We can provide the structure to accommodate your vision, from a lively music event, to a religious gathering, a speech day, a corporate party or a theatrical event. To enhance this vision please also refer to our pages on flooring and seating to suit your requirements. We will also provide you with the appropriate structural information and health and safety paperwork  for each of our structures.

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