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A bit about us, since you’re here.

In 2013, during several stints in New York eating, drinking and generally enjoying life, two friends began to develop an idea for a new NYC-inspired food and cocktail concept. And when the perfect basement space came up just off High Street Kensington, concept-turned-reality and Dirty Bones was born.
West London seemed to like our vibe. The Brooklyn-inspired soundtrack paired perfectly with the mind-blowing cocktails and gourmet on-the-bone meats. The parties were legendary, the hangovers next-level. Word spread, and since then we’ve opened restaurants in Carnaby, Shoreditch, Soho and Oxford.

We’ve grown bigger and grown up (sort of), but we’re still keeping it real and doing what we do best. Making creative comfort food dishes using top quality ingredients. Crafting creative, signature cocktails mixed by some of the best bartenders in town.

Our playlist is straight-up old-school, filled with classic hip-hop, funk and soul. We set the scene for people to kick back, let loose and enjoy good times together. We design quality spaces that inspire quality times. And we couldn’t do any of it without our awesome team.

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