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Company Description

MS Construction is committed to the client’s needs, and to ensure the highest standards of quality and health and safety.

We work closely together with our clients to find the best possible solution for their demands.

A lot of money can be saved especially in the design phase of a project, by using an experienced contractor like 2MS Construction.

We try to exceed the normal building standards which are commonly used in the construction industry, especially in regards of energy efficiency and eco builds.

We can offer a complete package of design and build solutions for any kind of project, industrial, commercial or residential.

Our projects range in value from £200k up to £10 million.

As a small and dedicated company we are able to act fast without delay in the best interest of our clients.

Mutual understanding and integrity is very important to us. Fair trading between all parties has helped us in the past to build up and maintain strong relationships between clients and subcontractors. For this reason we have repeated business with our clients and reliable relationships with most of our subcontractors since 2003.

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